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The mission of the Nebraska State Literacy Association (NSLA) is to lead in the promotion of literacy in the state of Nebraska through collaboration, advocacy and professional development.




Reasons to attend the Conference:

  • "To be with other professionals that celebrate literacy"
  • "The conference is my opportunity for professional development and networking"
  • "Networking with professionals from NE and across the country"
  • "I really appreciated the applications to the classroom."
  • "Big takeaways from everyone I went to, which is huge"
  • "The topics covered were so relevant to my future and I am confident I can use many ideas, techniques and methods in my classroom."
  • "Gave me new ideas to bring back to the classroom and ideas for me as a reader and writer."

NSLA 2021 Conference

was a series of 

Virtual Events this year

Cost (for all five sessions)

NSLA Members attend free

Non-members - $50.00

Undergraduate students - $10.00

This is the time to join NSLA so you may access the materials from the series for free.

2021 Conference

Virtual Speaker Series


OrFebruary 4


Brian Cambourne and

Debra Crouch

Every Child is Made for Learning:

Updating and Extending Cambourne’s Conditions of Learning

Teachers shape the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual spaces that support student learning. But what are the classroom conditions that make student learning more likely to occur? And what decisions will teachers make to bring these conditions of learning to life? This session will update and extend research and thinking about the Conditions of Learning, explore language and literacy development, and illustrate teacher decisions that nourish a discourse of “meaning-making".

Teaching Decisions that Bring the Conditions of Learning to Life

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February 11

Ferial Pearson 

Selecting Multicultural Literature to Build a Classroom Library

Participants will learn about why multicultural literature is important, how to choose authentic and quality books, and how to build a balanced library collection.

Watch her TEDx talk.

The Secret Kindness Agents

February 18

Doug Fisher and

Nancy Frey

The Distance Learning Playbook

Effective teaching is effective teaching, no matter where it occurs.

The pandemic teaching of mid-2020 was not really distance learning, but rather crisis teaching. But starting now, teachers have the opportunity to prepare for distance learning with purpose and intent—using what works best to accelerate students’ learning, all while maintaining an indelible focus on equity.

Renowned educators Dr. Douglas Fisher and Dr. Nancy Frey apply the wisdom and evidence of VISIBLE LEARNING® research to understand what works best with distance learning. Spanning topics from teacher-student relationships, teacher credibility and clarity, instructional design, assessments, and grading, this comprehensive webinar will detail the research- and evidence-based strategies teachers can utilize to help students and families succeed in any learning environment.

If you would like to buy the book to read before the event please go to the Corwin  website and use the promotional code PLAYBK30 (all caps) which will give you a 30% discount on the book.

Visit the Distance Learning Playbook Companion website

February 25

Tim Rasinski

 Building a Strong Foundation for Reading:  Phonics, Vocabulary, and Fluency

An Invitation from Dr. Tim Rasinski

Word knowledge and reading fluency have been found to be foundational and essential elements of any successful reading program.  Despite their importance many students fail to achieve sufficiently in these areas.  In this presentation, Dr. Tim Rasinski will provide theoretical and research background and definition to phonics and fluency.  He will share effective (science) and engaging (art) strategies for teaching these all-important reading components that will move students toward better comprehension and greater proficiency in reading.

Dr. Rasinski Flyer with 30% discount on selected titles

Rasinski Scholastic with 25% discount

March 4

Nell K. Duke 

A Conversation with Nell K. Duke: Digital Environments for Early Literacy Learners

Dr. Nell Duke, a literacy researcher from the University of Michigan School of Education, focuses on early literacy development, policy, and practice.  She has been working on ways to continue to use research-supported literacy practices even amidst a pandemic.  Participants will learn how to adjust their practices and priorities to ensure students are continuing to develop literacy and then have the opportunity to pose specific questions to Nell Duke during the live

Q & A session on March 4.

Please watch the following videos before the conversation with Nell Duke:

Small Group Reading Instruction at a Distance

Word Work at a Distance

If possible read her interview that appeared in Education Week last September:

How to Teach Reading with a Digital Mindset

Plan for the future


Dr. Jan RIchardson  
Author, Educational Consultant, and Reading Specialist

Dr. Stephen Peters
ILA President 2020-2021
Administrator and Author

Carmen Agra Deedy
Award-winning Children’s Author and Storyteller

Sydney Jensen
2019 Nebraska Teacher of the Year and Ted Talk Speaker



  • "I took something away from every session which I rarely ever say about a conference."

  • "I was very impressed with the speakers I listened to and how organized the conference was.  I honestly learned a lot."
  • "The facilities were top notch, the food was delicious and most importantly the session topics and organization of sessions were very organized and efficient to meet participant needs! The Exhibit Hall was inviting and easy to access as well as easy access to visit with representatives/vendors."
  • "Top quality speakers for all sessions made it hard to choose which sessions to attend - a great problem to have!"

  • "This was a great conference! I took away many important lessons, got to make connections with lots of people, grew professionally and gained ideas for my teaching."

  • "I felt so inspired and renewed after after attending this conference! It's so great to have things reiterated that I maybe forgot, or to learn something new. Opportunities for networking were plentiful."




The Nebraska State Literacy Association (NSLA) Student Ambassador Program provides college students an opportunity for professional growth and networking at the NSLA annual conference.  In addition to the paid registration, the students will receive memberships to Nebraska State Literacy Association and International Literacy Association levels.  This is an excellent opportunity for professional growth and networking for pre-service teachers during the annual conference and beyond.
Students will submit an application to the Student Ambassador Committee.

Contact:  Carin Appleget


Applications are due (date TBA)

Information and application form (NSLA looks forward to having Student Ambassadors for the 2022 conference)


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