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Nebraska  State  Literacy Association

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Our mission is to promote and advocate for equitable access to literacies for individuals of all ages and diverse communities as a basic human right.



Finding Our Way Forward

NSLA will be looking for ways to Find Our Way Forward into 2023-2024

Book Studies and Virtual Speaker Series

Combining Theory and Practice

Cornelius Minor 

 Author Bio: Cornelius Minor

Virtual Session - Spring 2024

Tuesday, February 27

6:00 PM (Central)

Watch a video from Cornelius about the Spring Session - feel free to leave him comments after watching his video.

Cornelius Minor Resources 

Virtual Speaker

Cornelius will build on his Fall 2023 Virtual Session when he presents his Spring 2024 Virtual Session with the following theme for both sessions:

Sharpening Instructional Practice in the  Humanities Classroom (ELA and Social Studies) for Elementary and Early Middle School Teachers

By exploring the essential question; “What are the specific classroom conditions necessary to optimize student growth in this context?”, the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 sessions are designed to support educators as they build structures that allow for inquiry, curiosity, comprehension, decision making, critical thinking, problem solving, analysis, and JOY. The goal of these sessions is to measurably impact student work, discussion, and engagement. Educators will leave with skills to initiate and sustain this work and the tools to continue it. We cannot “PD” a solution to the social conditions that lead to inequity, but we can understand them and build systems to ensure that children learn powerfully when they are in our classrooms.

Spring 2024 Virtual Session:

The Recipe: Lesson Planning, Resource Acquisition, Lesson Preparation, Lesson Execution 

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Dr. Zoi A. Philippakos

Zoi Traga-Philappakos Headshot 2

ILA Leader

Virtual Session - Spring 2024

Tuesday, March 19

6:00 PM (Central)

Zoi is the author of:

Developing Strategic Young Writers Through Genre Instruction (K-2)

Product Cover


Developing Strategic Writers Through Genre Instruction (3-5)

Product Cover

Click on the book links above to buy her books at a 15% discount.

Virtual Speaker

Genre-Based Strategy Instruction: Empowering Teachers and Students

The purpose of the session is to share the principles of genre-based strategy instruction for participants to utilize them when teaching reading and writing across the curriculum. A Strategy for Teaching Strategies will be explained to support the implementation of the writing process for learners to analyze reading and writing tasks, plan, draft, evaluate to revise, and edit their work to share with their immediate and their intended audience.  The pedagogical principles will be explained and dialogic practices that support learners’ oral engagement and written practice.  By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to apply cognitive and metacognitive strategies in their classrooms that connect writing and reading.

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Zoi Philippakos Resources

Watch for Book Study Information

Coming soon!

at the 

Highlights from The Summer Institute

When participants were asked to share the best part of the NSLA Insititute experience the following were mentioned:

  • "Making connections and new friends"
  • "Meeting old friends"
  • "Networking with current educators about dyslexia and other reading problems"
  • "I took away a lot of new ideas for how to support our teachers in our service area."
  • "Cornelius was amazing! He is such a dynamic speaker and his insight and messaging about systems and how we have to think about changing the way we teach today!"
  • "Both Cornelius and Julia were AMAZING!"
  • "The Exhibit Hall was amazing.  I bought too many books!"


Comments from 2021/2022/2023 Virtual Participants

  • "I appreciate being able to attend in this way. We are able to hear national speakers, and even though I could not usually join live, I appreciated hearing the recordings."
  • "This was convenient and the playback allowed me wiggle room in my busy teacher life."
  • "I have really appreciated the virtual format. You have had quality speakers."
  • "I thought it was awesome that you had the recordings available to watch. I really like the topics covered and thought the speakers had some really insightful and important information to share."
  • "I thought it was well organized and the idea of it taking place over several weeks was an added benefit. I looked forward to Thursday evenings!"
  • "As a virtual conference, it was well put together with the access to watch the recordings if you couldn't make it live."
  • "The format worked. I prefer in-person learning, but under the circumstances, I thought it was done well."
  • "Very impressed with the speakers. So glad NSLA held this conference during the pandemic."
  • "Fabulous! I appreciated all the national speakers and all the information."
  • "I appreciated the virtual conference. It hasn't worked out for me to attend the last few years, while I could find time to listen to the speakers virtually. Well done!"
  • "Thank you for the great efforts to provide this professional event!"

A Message From Director of Professional Learning

Dr. Julie Kozisek

Director of Professional Learning

Professor Emeritus

Doane University

Dear Educators, 

NSLA is "Finding Our Way Forward" as we begin to plan for Professional Learning for 2023-2024.  We will continue to build on the Summer Institute as we continue with Cornelius Minor as a Virtual Speaker for the Spring. 

We are also looking forward to Zoi Philippakos joining us to share about writing in grades K-5. We are hoping to run a book study  on her books - Developing Strategic Young Writers Through Genre Instruction (K-2) and Developing Strategic Writers Through Genre Instruction (3-5).

NSLA will continue to work hard to promote and advocate for equitable access to literacies for individuals of all ages and diverse communities as a basic human right.

Please join us as we "Find Our Way Forward!  

Dr. Julie Kozisek


The Nebraska State Literacy Association (NSLA) Student Ambassador Program provides college students an opportunity for professional growth and networking at the NSLA annual conference.  In addition to the paid registration, the students will receive memberships to Nebraska State Literacy Association and International Literacy Association levels.  This is an excellent opportunity for professional growth and networking for pre-service teachers during the annual conference and beyond.
Students will submit an application to the Student Ambassador Committee.

Contact:  Carin Appleget


Applications are due (date TBA)

Information and application form will be updated




Questions? email 

PO Box 83852

Lincoln, NE 68501

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