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The mission of the Nebraska State Literacy Association (NSLA) is to lead in the promotion of literacy in the state of Nebraska through collaboration, advocacy and professional development.

August: Dr. Stephen G. Peters, A Note From ILA's President

08/26/2020 2:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  • A Note From The Editor:

  • The beginning of school has always been one of my favorite times of year.  Since I was a little girl, I would delight in seeing the school supplies lining the store shelves in July.  I have felt this way since kindergarten and it persists to this day as a graduate student.  As a practitioner, the excitement of starting a new year with new students almost surpassed my joy as a student.  I love teaching.  I love learning.  However, this year is different.  Although I’m excited to teach students again, there is a swirling mixture of complicated emotions due to COVID-19.  Apprehensive.  Anxious.  Conflicted.  Mournful.  Never has there been a school year like 2020 in my career. This year requires us to use innovative methods to teach our students this year and push us to be inventive, flexible, and persistent.  Our blog article for August comes from Dr. Stephen G. Peters, president of ILA’s Board of Directors.  ILA has created a multitude of resources to support teachers during these chaotic times of teaching and learning.  I encourage you to look into the plethora of resources Dr. Peters has listed.  Webinars, special interest groups, networking, and access to peer-reviewed journals are few of the resources ILA has provided for members.

    In addition to thinking about pedagogy and practice, I have found it essential to think about what I need in order to teach.  What is my fuel?   What is it enables me to be the best teacher, graduate student, and writer I can be?  For me, it is exercising, reading a good book, enjoying time with my family, having a writing group for community (even if we meet digitally), and careful planning of my time.  Thinking creatively to ensure I am able to provide these needs for myself is at the essence of being able to tackle this year.  While we must be there for our students, we must also be there for ourselves.


    Emily Fisher

    Editor, NSLA Blog


A Note From Dr. Stephen G. Peters:

  • As we approach the 2020-2021 school year, many are planning the re-opening of schools with the best approach possible. We, at ILA, believe COVID-19 changed the way we lead and teach and more importantly, the way students learn. Through these challenges, educators have an opportunity to disrupt a somewhat adult-oriented culture and nurture a more collective, student-centered mentality. School districts and schools have worked hard to create conditions for success as they usher in a school year in ways never seen before. We have positioned ourselves and our association to respond to the changing needs of our members and those seeking resources to assist with the nature of the unprecedented times in which we live.

    We encourage you to:

  • Get access to ILA at Home, a series of hourlong webinars, free to members, presented by leading voices in literacy
  • Customize your professional learning experience by joining a special interest group that focuses on your area of interest- choose from children’s literature, storytelling, classroom technology, leadership, and more
  • Access forums that help you advance literacy by focusing on areas not typically covered in general instruction
  • Shape the future of literacy with exclusive materials that develop your classroom and career
  • Connect with a network of people who share your passion for literacy
  • Enjoy the contents of peer-reviewed journals

We are excited to offer ILA Next throughout the month of October and hope you will join us. Digital by design, #ILANEXT offers a blend of live and on demand learning anchored by a weekly workshop series. We continue to provide constructive spaces for our members to learn and grow. Further, we must provide spaces of inquiry during a time that definitive answers are difficult to find.

As president of the board, I am dedicated to working with every region, state, and member to reposition ILA as a leading association and reimagine literacy all over the world.

Thank you for all you are doing in Nebraska and wishing you a great year ahead as we advance the important work of literacy.

Stephen G. Peters, Ed.D.

President, ILA Board of Directors




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